Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Perfect White Pants for Summer?

One of the most frequent things I find women are frustrated with at this time of year is finding the perfect white pants for summer.

White pants are one of those key wardrobe items that go with almost everything and are perfect for any occasion while the weather is warm & sunny, yet they're also one of the toughest things to buy because, as we all know, inherent in their "whiteness" is the fact that they're also almost always a little see-through.

Well I think I may have a great suggestion for summer 2015: the Avalon fit white jacquard textured crop from Banana Republic.

Yes, it's still going to show a little something if you want to wear a bright pink thong underneath, but the jacquard texture will do a lot of hiding and you should only ever be wearing nude underwear with white pants anyway. Not white...nude.

Jacquard is that very retro 50's / 60's style of fabric that has a bit more structure and less sheen than a regular flat fabric, and adds a bit of sophisticated detail that, in my opinion, really elevates an outfit.

It's not the right fabric for a super casual outing like a day at the beach or the zoo or an amusement park. Think more like brunch with friends, a wedding shower, or a laid back patio dinner on Friday night after work - pair them with a summery heel and a colourful tank with a bit of wrist bling. Oh, and speaking of work, these would be perfect for work. Imagine a bold blouse or tank with a fitted blazer overtop (air conditioning in an office can be so cruel - you still need layers indoors even in summer I'm afraid).

$110 on the regular, but as many of us know, Banana Republic likes to treat their customers to frequent sales of the 35-40% off variety, so check the website every few days and I promise you'll be able to get them at an even more reasonable price.

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