Monday, April 24, 2017

Joelle's Spring Event - May 8, 2017

I know many of you love any event thrown by our resident philanthropist fashionista: Joelle Goddard-Cooling.

Well, good news! On May 8th you can join her and the team at Joelle's for a lovely evening celebrating Spring at her gorgeous store in downtown Burlington.

I cannot stress enough that tickets are limited - it's a store, not a stadium - so act fast if you're interested.

For just $20, you can sip, savour, shop and help support a great cause: the Camisole Project / Foundation for Cancer Wellness.

There will be fashion illustrations, live mannequin models, tasty food & drinks, a candy bar and more (is the shopping part obvious?!)

You'll also find trunk shows happening for amazing brands like Olive & Charley, Zadig & Voltaire, and a pop-up shop by Rebecca Minkoff (such great handbags).

Call to reserve your tickets or pop in at 457 Brant Street asap!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Burlap & Twine Boutique in Burlington

I love it when a new boutique opens and this one does not disappoint!

Burlap & Twine already has a location in Hamilton, Ontario, and now downtown Burlington has welcomed their second gorgeous shop.

You'll find an array of vegan-friendly and ethically sourced bath & body goodies here like body butters, lip balm, bath oils, hand creams, body scrubs and bath bombs.

I popped in yesterday and couldn't resist their cute little "bath melts" so I picked up 3: lavender, rose, and raspberry.

As soon as I showed my kids they immediately started the bath and couldn't wait to see what happened. The raspberry did not disappoint as my main floor filled up with the subtle smell of sweet fruit while the melt fizzed away in the bathtub much to their delight. (added bonus: unexpectedly clean kids).

They're at 393 John Street in Burlington so have a peek the next time you're downtown!

Today is a gorgeous sunny day so a perfect opportunity to walk around, grab a coffee and check out some cute and unique shops!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Your new favourite faux leather pants

To say I've been looking forever for a pair of faux leather pants that would fit my girlish curves is an understatement. Typically the experience of trying some on would send me into a downward spiral of thoughts of strict diets and celebrity cleanses.

Well no more.

As of today my quest is over, thanks to  I ♥ Tyler Madison

Named after their rescue dogs (Tyler and Madison), this design team of 2 sisters has created a line of pull-on pants that look great across so many body types it's amazing.

Check out these new wax coated joggers (at left) for spring in military green. Slightly loose and made in Canada. Tell me you can't imagine them with a white v-neck tee, delicate gold chain, jean jacket and a classic pair of white tretorns. Most perfect weekend outfit ever!

I opted for the classic full-length waxed basic black legging. So soft and so comfortable, but also sexy enough for a night out with a killer pair of heels.

At an insanely reasonable price point (around $100) what are you waiting for?

Grab them at select retailers or locally at Joelle's in Burlington

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Non Toxic Face Paint for Halloween!

This new favourite site of mine is local to Toronto and has a boutique selection of non toxic goodies for home and family that you'll absolutely love.

It's called and there's quite a team at the helm - an experienced Naturopathic Doctor and an equally experienced eCommerce Exec.

The medical brains is Dr. Sharleen Hawco, a licensed ND with a focus on Environmental Medicine and NonToxic Living. Her passion for helping families live healthy lives comes through in the products she has tested and chosen for this new site.

You'll love everything from baby clothes and accessories, cutting boards and food storage containers, to health and beauty products too.

The prices are great and shipping is free on orders above $30. I can speak from personal experience that the process is smooth and the products live up to the hype when they arrive!

I'm loving this option of non toxic face paint (just under $15) for Halloween since I need some to help turn my daughter into a bunny on the 31st. Wish me luck :)

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Best Underwear for Men Since Forever

Ok, maybe these aren't the best new underwear for men since FOREVER. Because at some point between the beginning of time and fig leaves and the invention of the cotton loom, there was probably a day where the advancement of underwear was truly the most epic. But these new My Pakage undies are a close second, I promise you.

And no, I'm not spelling it wrong. It's My Pakage.

I got a pair of these for my man for Valentine's Day, and (as expected) he winced and looked at me with his scrunchy-faced "what are these newfangled underwear you want me to try" look, and I promised him that all the guys in the neighborhood are raving about these and that he should take his old-man-attitude and just try them. Which he did. And he loooooooves them.

I grabbed the "Weekday Boxer Brief" model for the record.

They are seriously made of the softest smoothest material (a moisture-absorbing, breathable, shrink-free fabric made of modal & spandex) and they have what they call a "3-dimensional pouch" to hold all the bits and pieces without the need to ever shift or adjust it all day long.

They look great, they are super stylish (tons of cool prints and colours), and now, based on first-hand testimonials from within my own home, I can also confirm that they are, indeed, the best men's underwear ever.

Grab in Burlington at Jeff's Guy Shop ($30), or locations like West 49 (your local mall if the parking lot doesn't scare you).