Thursday, December 4, 2008

Home Depot Discounts!

You know you have to shop for him: that man in your life who is impossible to buy for. Your dad, your father in law, your stepfather...they're all the same because they never give you ANY help in the idea department. You usually end up getting him something lame like a gift card, but this year try and put some thought into it! What are his hobbies? What does he spend his weekends doing? Chances are, whatever the answer, you can find something to help him along at Home Depot. How convenient then, that starting today and through Sunday, tons of items are on sale there! None of these are particularly cheap, but you can always go in on it with your siblings, right? After all, they're just as hard up for ideas as you are. For example, all in-stock bbq's are 10% off, garage storage cabinets and shelving units are 20% off, and cordless power tools are up to 20% off! Home Depot rarely has sales, so take advantage while you can!

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