Monday, December 8, 2008

Wii systems and accessories in time for Christmas!

I have a few friends who are frantically and unsuccessfully trying to locate certain Wii products that they need in time for Christmas. I hear the usual refrains: "I tried Wal-Mart," "I tried Future Shop," "I tried Best Buy," "I tried the web," etc.... Then I like to remind them of another place that sells game systems and accessories that most people don't think of: Rogers Video! They don't have huge inventories like a big box Store, so they usually sell out the same day they arrive, but they get shipments in every few days, and since most people don't flock there for these items, you can luck out more often than you think! Just call the stores in your neighborhood (there's sure to be more than one) and check it out! Be ready to drive there right away if they have any though - there is usually a no-holds policy on these high-demand items!

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