Thursday, January 22, 2009

Love your shoes? Check out this site!

Not everyone fully understands the love between a woman and her shoes, but if you do, you have to check out this awesome new Canadian website:! It allows you to feed your shoe-a-holic addiction by organizing your own shoe collection online, sharing photos and comments with other addicts, and enjoy browsing a treasure-trove of closets (without having to spend money right now in this somewhat chaotic economy)! You can check out my own shoe closet if you like - just don't ask me how much I paid for the Louboutins. That secret dies with me :)


Liza said...

Such a great idea for a site! I got lost looking through the pages of all those beautiful shoes... Surprised though that the Blahniks are actually comfortable - all day wear! My feet ache just thinking about it :)

HeartMyShoes said...

Liza, thanks for checking out

We would love to have you post some from your home shoe closet as well.