Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Custom Made Men's Dress Shirts!

Ok Ladies, you know how much better your man looks when he is wearing a shirt that actually FITS him right? Usually those custom-made bespoke dress shirts cost over $100 each, but the very well-known Maxwells Clothiers is back in town this month to allow you to enjoy this luxury at a much more reasonable price! 3 dress shirts for $135, including your choice of fabric, collar, and cuffs, optional monogramming, and personalized custom measurements! They then ship them right to your door! The great thing is that your measurements are stored in their database, so you can order more online in the future as well! Check them out at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Toronto from Sept 14-18th, 9:30am to 8pm. More dates, locations and details can be found on their website!

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