Thursday, April 8, 2010

Am I really loving THE BAY???

First they reopened The Room at the flagship Queen St. Store in Toronto, finally restoring it to its once-great status, then they had SJP launching Halston Heritage there IN PERSON last month (looking perfect, as usual), then I actually started liking the new CEO (Bonnie Brooks') personal touch of voicing their new radio ads (very effective content, I must say, as I just went there to check out the HUE denim tights), and I'm loving the email deals I'm getting on a regular basis...I guess I could go on for a while on what I'm loving there these days. But the thing that really just blew my mind is the new pair of skinny dark stretch denim jeans I just bought there for $39.99 that is a BAY in-house brand.

Did you hear that? That was my jaw hitting the floor. Join me, won't you?

XO Bonnie Brooks - you're doing a great job!

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