Friday, May 28, 2010

My new favourite denim brand!

!iT denim has everything I am looking for in a great pair of jeans:
  • amazing fit
  • supersoft denim
  • great washes
  • unbelievable price point
I am loving the jojo cuffed jean right now (similar to the picture here, but a little looser fit - so sold out that I can't even find a picture!), and after seeing them look uber gorgeous on my sister last weekend, I promptly ordered a pair online from Repeat Posessions' website.

In Toronto, the Store WE! on Queen East carries some of the line, but don't count on a huge inventory of sizes as they obviously sell out fast!


Repeat Possessions said...

We love "Repeat" customers like you. Keeping you and your blog-readers hip and happening! Love Girl It Up!!! Need any tops to go with the !iT Jeans? us out at Repeat Possessions.

Tammy said...

If you love these...then you MUST get the white denim !itJeans also!! They are perfect for summer:) oh yeah... and Repeat Possessions HAS THEM!!

Victoria Hughes said...

I'm thinking about the white !itJeans - but are they see-through? The pictures I've seen make it look like you can see the pockets through the denim...