Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday review of the Met Gala!

It's've got a few minutes (or more) to lounge at your computer this morning and what better way to surf while sipping your coffee than to peruse all the gorgeousness that was last week's Costume Institute Gala at The Met! Yeah, last week you saw a FEW highlights on the usual entertainment recap shows while you were eating dinner, but if you REALLY want photos, click HERE and see 96 pics of the best dressed people in North America all at the same party! Here are my personal notes:
- Biggest Tatas: Christina Hendricks (left), by a MILE. Did they get a separate table at dinner?
- Larger Than Life: Andre Leon Talley literally making Whoopie Goldberg look like a miniature doll.
- 99% Sure: Kate Hudson with a plunging neckline showing off, in my opinion, newfound cleave.
- Still Ick the Second Time Around: Sienna and Jude. Hot or not, he shlepped the nanny. But then again, she shlepped a married man with 4 kids. It's an ickiness tie. You both lose.
- Finally: a recently-gave-birth woman who actually looks like she recently gave birth (but still hot) - Padma Lakshmi
- Risky but I love it: Tina Fey. My girl crush continues, even though this jumpsuit is crazy.
- Biggest Hair: Dylan Lauren. Are you hiding candy from your shop in there?
- All kinds of No: Eva Mendes. Please never do this again. Any of it.
- Vegas Showgirl: Gisele. I still don't like you because Bridget was pregnant when you stole him. We gals gotta do better for eachother than that.
- Best overall: Zoe Saldana in a gorgeous and timeless Calvin Klein. A fitting tribute to the theme of the American woman by an American designer!

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