Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CFDA Awards - my personal red carpet review

Where else should people be showing off their sense of style than the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards, really? (well, now that the Costume Institute Gala is so last month...). See the red carpet photos HERE:

Note: The night included a well-deserved tribute to the recently passed (and total genius) Alexander McQueen by SJP (that's her in his dress at left). I recently watched his Fall/Winter 2008 runway show again on tv and I think it is my absolute favourite collection of all-time (of any designer). totally blew my mind.

Here are the awards that I, personally, would have liked to see given out:
  • Shortest Mini Dress I've Ever Seen Award (on someone who is not Lindsay Lohan) goes to Maggie Grace. Awesome and somehow classy (take notes, Lilo).
  • Best "i'm better than you and I know it" Pose - Gwyneth, hands down.
  • Worst Outfit - I can't even comment on how bad it is - Jessica Biel.
  • The "stop standing like an 8-year-old" Award (and polite request): Dakota Fanning
  • "Surprising Ponch" Award: Donna Karan. Yikes. Still gorgeous, but yikes.
  • "Best Vampire Threesome" - surprisingly not from twilight: The Olsen Twins + some model.
  • "Totally Getting Better With Age": Bowie and Iman. I am in awe.
  • "No, No, No, Not Ever" Award: Thom Brown. I don't know who you are, but those shorts are beyond awful.
Have a great Tuesday everyone :)

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