Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black Friday Deals (part 1)

Reason #5,332 to love the internet: because Canadians can get access to all those crazy black friday deals (courtesy of American Thanksgiving) without even leaving our homes!  No insane wait at the border (and deciding how 'honest' to be at the customs booth...). No paying for ridiculously overpriced gas. Just the ease and comfort of ordering steals & deals online and getting the majority of our Christmas shopping done while saving a ton of money.  Sweet!

Here's a few of the great deals you can look forward to this week:
  • Banana Republic - now through end-of-day on the 28th, score 25% off your ENTIRE purchase! Promo code is BRCDA25OFF.
  • J.Crew has 25% off all orders over $150 with promo code TURKEY through end-of-day on the 28th
  • Tons of retailers that are both in Canada and south of the border are following their U.S. counterpart's lead with amazing deals: ToysRUs, Walmart, and Best Buy.
Stay tuned for more deals tomorrow!

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