Thursday, November 11, 2010

Holiday light exchange at Home Depot!

Great idea to help make your home festive and pretty for the holidays AND more energy-efficient: bring in your old incandescent holiday lights to any Home Depot in Ontario this weekend (Nov 13-14) and get 50% off the purchase of up to 5 new strings of energy-efficient LED lights with in-store coupon. A great weekend to get your lights up since the weather is still decent!  Check out more details in their online e-flyer here when you enter an Ontario postal code.  There's a limit of 5 coupons per household, so ultimately you can bring in 5 strings of your old lights and get up to 25 new strings!  That should pretty much cover all your external lighting needs, unless you're doing it up Chevy-Chase-Christmas-Vacation-style, which that family down the street from me does every year to much avail.  I wonder what their hydro bill is? 

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