Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shopapalooza Burlington Highlights!

The 2nd annual Shopapalooza took place last night in support of the Burlington Art Centre, and it was quite the night of fun and fashion for all the (mostly) ladies in attendance!  Kudos to the few men who attended, not to mention all the hot firefighters!  The fashion shows were definitely the best part, with great dresses for the holidays featured from the likes of Joelle's, Savvy Couture and new kid on the block Doll Haus.  There's definitely no shortage of sexy evening wear in Btown, that's for sure.  Hope to see you all next year!

Men's fashions from DonDeez!
 Glamjulz had a great table full of sparkle!
Joelle's dresses led the show!
 Doll Haus' sexy feather skirt!
 and their skin tight pants rocked!

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