Thursday, April 21, 2011

Men's Levis on Sale for under $40!

It's hard to go wrong in a pair of classic Levis 501 jeans, especially if you're a man.  I remember that little red tag when I was in high school - it really conveyed that you were wearing the 'right' jeans.  I totally stole an old pair of my Dad's in the late 80's, tapered them like crazy, cut the bottom to leave a ridiculously frayed hem, and bleached them almost beyond recognition.  And I have to tell you...I looooved those jeans!  Remember those relatives from overseas who would demand that you pack your suitcase full of Levis 501's whenever you visited because they were so hard to get outside of North America?  I guess the internet has changed all that.  While now there are a zillion different designer brands, good ol' 501's have stood the test of time and have updated their fits and washes to stay current.  Grab a pair now at The Bay during Bay Days until April 25th for $38.88, almost half price!

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Levis501jeans said...

This review is from: Levi’s Men’s 501 Jean (Apparel)

I have been carrying Levi’s 501 since i used to be sixteen – which implies that for twenty two years I keep returning to the

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This is the primary time i’m ordering my jeans through Amazon – i’m not a giant fan of ordering cloths remotely while not

attempting it on, however i assumed what the hey, how am i able to fail with the classic 501. And indeed I got it good,

standard nice blue jeans: enter levi’s into the e-commerge age.