Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding!!!

Less than 24 hours away now until what will likely be the most-watched wedding in history!  They're young (but not too young), they're educated, they've lived together already - I have modest but reasonable hopes that this one will last :)  For now, I'm more interested in THE DRESS!  Who will design it?  Will it have sleeves?  How long will the train be?  Silhouette?  Embellishments?  My guess is Sarah Burton (for Alexander McQueen) or Alice Temperley.  Sleeves?  My guess is yes, but maybe off the shoulder.  The train?  I'm going for 12-15 feet.  Silhouette?  I say fitted with a slight flare below the knees.  Embellishments?  I'm going with a splash of colour and a little lace.  Is anyone placing money on this?  And what crazy hats will the celebs wear?  Can't wait!  Go to bed early ladies, because this one is worth seeing LIVE :)

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