Friday, June 17, 2011

#17 on June's list of Top Shops: It's a tie!

Having enjoyed (and sometimes not enjoyed - thank you morning/allday sickness...) two pregnancies in the past 4 years, I was often challenged to find modern and flattering maternity clothes, not only to just get out the door, but to confidently stride into meetings at work or speaking engagements.  When you feel huge, you need all the help you can get to look your best!  While chain stores like Motherhood or Thyme are great for basics like tanks, tees, and leggings, I often wondered where I could get great suits? dresses? jackets? designer denim & tops to go out to dinner in?  Well let me tell you lovely moms-to-be!  There are two fantastic shops in Toronto that are dedicated to helping you stay stylish and fabulous no matter what trimester you're in!  Kick on Eglinton and Belly on Mt. Pleasant will both offer the best names in maternity wear and a very boutique shopping experience.  Not easy on the credit card, I recommend saving these shops for when you need a few special pieces for weddings, parties, and maybe even those last dinners with the hubby when you don't need a babysitter!  A baby bump is such a blessing - and it can certainly be a fashionable one too!

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