Friday, June 24, 2011

The Best Italian Restaurant in the GTA (in my humble opinion): Terroni

It's crowded, it's busy, and the servers will glare at you if you dare ask for modifications (that's a trickle-down effect from owner Cosimo Mammoliti's dictum that things be eaten as-prepared - and don't even get him started on 'substitutions').  Still, I can't say I mind any of the above as I've never had a less than stellar meal at Terroni.  I've been to all their locations in Toronto, and while I can't speak for their newest venture in Beverly Hills (although reviews are quite good in LaLa Land) I'm impressed they're branching out internationally!  The pizza is sublime, the pasta always fresh, and their antipasto will leave you speechless (perfect for sharing).  There aren't that many traditional Italian restaurants that are truly great...but Terroni is certainly one of the few.  Best of all is the relaxed, convivial atmosphere and reasonably priced menu.  Finish with a classic cannoli or gelato and you'll feel like you are truly living la dolce vita on the streets of southern Italy, I promise you. 

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