Sunday, June 26, 2011

Best magazine for the GTA: Chatelaine!

It almost pains me to admit I have a subscription, as it kinda makes me feel like I've turned into my mother, but the truth is...I am a mother now, and this magazine has gotten a lot cooler than when it first began more than 80 years ago.  The recipes (as they have always been) are really excellent, and now that I have a family in the 'burbs and can't live like Carrie Bradshaw ordering takeout to my condo in the city every night, I truly appreciate a little help in the kitchen.  What has vastly improved in the past few years are their fashion pages, with current, stylish, relevant and locally-available clothing and accessories in every issue (not to mention calling out great deals!).  I spent the afternoon today making a new centerpiece for my giant, square dining room table - an idea I got from the most recent issue.  I had really been struggling to find something substantial for such a large table, but also something not too high so that I couldn't see my family across it while we ate.  I wanted something natural if possible, but flowers would need changing almost weekly (just imagine how costly that would be!).  Chatelaine provided a great crafty idea - super easy to do - and you can see the result here of how it looks on my table tonight while my husband is making dinner.  They're long-lasting succulents (like cactus plants) and barely need water at all!  Don't forget if you have a Rogers cell phone account, you can grab a subscription for around $1 an issue!  What a deal!

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