Saturday, July 23, 2011

Porter flight sale! Cheap flights, luxurious service!

It's hard to ever imagine myself flying any other airline now that I've flown Porter.  Everything I hate about flying - the labyrinth roads leading up to the terminals, the excrutiating wait at the check-in desks, the insane customs experience, the long walks (with my heavy bag) to the gates - are all things you won't find at Porter!  Not only have they done away with everything annoying about flying, they've added luxurious extras like the best pre-flight lounges (free wifi, newspapers, espresso, juice, lounge chairs) but onboard you'll get gourmet snacks and free beer & wine!  You'll arrive at your destination refreshed, relaxed, and ready to enjoy the days ahead!  Their current 30% off deal makes it even more enticing - just enter BOAT30 as the promo code when you book before July 27th, and you'll have one more reason to love Porter!  To give you a taste of how low this can cost, I checked and found that you can spend a weekend in NYC (from Toronto) next month and your flight will only cost you $291 with all taxes & fees included!  For those of us who live in the GTA, we can finally say bye bye to the hellish madness of Pearson Airport - it's all Porter all the time now!

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