Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Up to 50% off sale at two classic mall faves: Geox & Roots!

July's deep discounts continue with up to 50% off during summer sales at both Roots and Geox (locations across the country)! Geox is one of my favourite shoe brands as they are somehow fashionable and extraordinarily comfortable at the same time (a very hard balance to achieve in the shoe world, as any of you who wear heels know all too well...).  You can't beat their wedge heels for a long day on your feet at work, or those cocktail parties where you're on your feet the whole time (usually a total heel nightmare!).  And what can I say about Roots?  It is one of Canada's most iconic brands with their classic sweats and great leather goods.  I remember vividly the day I bought my first Roots sweatshirt at The Eaton Centre in Toronto with my Dad.  It was the summer before grade 8 and it was basically mandatory to have one before going back to school (otherwise you'd be shunned by the cool crowd on the first day).  I was so disappointed they were sold out of girlie colours like pink and light blue, so I ended up getting a navy one with a grey & white logo on the front.  My Dad thought that was a great choice (this from a man who once wore tight black and white striped pants in the 70's...)  but I was devastated beyond words.  As luck would have it, those colours ended up being far cooler that year than the traditional girlie ones, so my fashion cred was a little more solid (though not really earned through any good judgement on my part) and walking the halls throughout one of the toughest peer-pressure years of life was a teeny bit easier.  As much as Grade 8 was a catty nightmare, I still get nostalgic for those back-to-school shopping trips, don't you?

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