Thursday, July 28, 2011

You can't deny Amy Winehouse's impact on fashion!

While none of us are really fit to judge her lifestyle, we are certainly permitted to decide how we feel about her music & her image.  Personally, I found her music delightfully refreshing, and I'm grateful she paved the way for other British female powerhouses like Adele & Duffy.  When Amy came along I was beyond fed-up with what was (and seemingly still is) happening to most North American female singers - with so much auto-tuning and airbrushed magazine covers, the whole scene became devoid of all sincerity and genuine art.  In addition to unique & soulful music, I also appreciated Amy's sense of style.  Who doesn't love the Brigitte Bardot hair and 60's dresses?   If only we could have seen what she'd have done fully sober and as she matured in age.  Now that would have really been something.

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