Monday, August 1, 2011

Friends & Family is back at Gap Inc!

I totally miss Back to School shopping!  That feeling of a brand new school year ahead of you just  brimming with potential!  Maybe some new and interesting friends, scoping out the cute new guy who just moved here and is immediately popular since he has that 'mysterious' factor going for him!  And of course the new clothes & school supplies!  What ridiculously large and feature-rich binder to buy?  What colour should my Kettle Creek pencil case be?  What denim wash for my new jeans?  And no, I never caved and bought acid-washed jeans, and I couldn't be more proud of that when I look back.

Just in time for Back to School (and back to work, and back to fall...) you can score 30% off your entire purchase at Gap, GapKids and BabyGap from August 4th to 7th!  Grab your coupon here!

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susie rose said...

love that jacket