Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Back To School 2011!

Tomorrow is the big day: Back to school!  And, for those of us over a certain age...back to work!  The long and sunny days of summer are gone, but don't despair!  Even if Jake Ryan won't be in your class, I am here to remind you of all the wonderful things that lay ahead in the beautiful days of autumn!

1. Pants. Have you missed them?  I know I have.  I'm a little tired of worrying about the evenness of my tan, the condition of my stubble, the mosquito-induced imperfections all over my legs.  I welcome pants back into my life every fall with girlish glee. 
2. Sleeves.  Madonna and Michelle Obama undoubtedly enjoy showing off their buff arms to no end, but I feel a little more modest about mine, so I will be thrilled to see draping silks and lightweight knits resting on mine in the weeks ahead.
3. Blazers.  Truly one of my favourite fashion pieces of all time.  I love the blazer.  Especially the schoolboy blazer, all preppy with funky piping detail or elbow patches and a vibrant patterned lining.  Too hot to wear 'em in the summer, but they are absolutely perfect for fall.
4. The Firsts!  Everything seems so new in the fall.  The air is newly crisp and cool.  The friends & teachers are new.  The classes are new (I am a tad nervous about starting Intense Strength tomorrow night but hopefully I will survive!).  The possibilities are truly endless!

Why not add some newness to yourself as well?  Reinvent yourself a little this fall!  Each year when we start fresh at school or work, after a summer full of memories and great vacations, we are entitled to incorporate those new experiences into our persona and make a few updates & modifications!  Pick a new fashion item to bring into your wardrobe and really have fun with it!  Whether it's a hat, a chunky scarf, a bold handbag or a signature piece of jewellery, make it your own and enjoy a little freshness!  And whatever you're up to tomorrow...have a wonderful First Day!

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