Friday, November 18, 2011

The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is here!

Imagine if you won the lottery this weekend.  It's clearly a possibility.  After all, someone has to win - why not you?  Then imagine you cash your millions, and you put it in the bank.  Naturally you safeguard a large portion in solid investments since you're a reasonable Canadian and that's what we do...but the rest is just sitting there, waiting to fulfill your craziest dreams.  What's that?  Oh yes...Christmas is coming!  What fun you'll have playing Santa this year with your unlimited budget!  How to get started...where to get started... AH!  I have just the thing you need: The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book!  For over 50 years, it has been full of the most luxurious and unusual one-of-a-kind His & Hers gifts you could never imagine!  This year you can find fantasy gifts like a $250,000 speedboat, a custom-built library, or this custom 651-hp Ferrari for just $395,000!  There are also reasonable and affordable gifts too, but you just won the lottery so who cares?

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