Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Local recommendation: Victoria & Co. upholstery cleaners

Two years ago I talked my husband into buying an ivory couch for our living room.  It was the perfect size & the ottoman was so comfortable and I wanted to lighten up the room with some bright furniture.  Of course, now that my toddlers have had 2 years to drink (and spill) juice on it, I understand where his very valid concerns came from.  It was a hideous mess of stains and spots.  I can't even describe the state of the armrests.  Still, somehow I knew we'd be able to get it cleaned, and this morning I was proven right!  Victoria & Co. spent the morning bringing my lovely sofa back to its original gleaming brightness and the best part is that they use natural and organic formulas to both clean and protect it!  The absence of harsh, toxic chemicals is so important to me given the kids play on the sofa so much, and I feel much better knowing it will stay clean now in a safe way!  If you need furniture, precious rugs, carpets or draperies cleaned, I highly recommend them.  Wonderful service & shockingly good results!  They're based in Toronto but will happily make the trek out to the west end too.

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