Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Simplest holiday contest ever + great prizes from talented local photographer Amy Montgomery!

I am not a fan of those complicated online contests where you basically have to give them every piece of ID you've ever owned, then allow them access to your computer and facebook account, then also basically agree to name your next child after them...

Fortunately, there are still some cool businesses who run contests that are simple to enter & have cool prizes!  If you love shopping ($50 Joelle's gift certificate up for grabs) or if you love having professional (and totally stunning) photos taken of you & your family ($300 photo session also up for grabs!) then just head over to Amy Montgomery's blog (that's her on the left, snapping away skillfully as usual) before 9:30pm tomorrow night & leave a post about what you're thankful for this time of year! 

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