Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Fetish: Everything by Milly

First choice for me in the Milly line currently available on Piperlime is this awesome miniskirt!  I am such a sucker for a striped print, as any of my friends will tell you.  Especially when it's multicolour, which is surprisingly hard to come by.  Too pricey for my current budget ($250), but I'd definitely splurge on this if I could because it will never, ever go out of style.  Oh...and if I had the legs to pull it off (I do not).   Note to my leggy friends Krista and Nicole - this skirt is totally made for you.

Milly's collection has feminine dresses galore, bikinis, sexy beach coverups (anyone going to Bahamas in April?  I think YES!) and fabulously flowing tops.  Oh, and don't worry if you don't know your size in whatever Milly items you like - and you don't want to shop online for it - lucky for us all, you can grab lots of great pieces from the Milly line in person because Joelle's in Burlington carries Milly too!

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