Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Try This: Neatspace.ca and the hooknook knob

You know when you walk in your front door and you wish you had somewhere to put your bag and your phone?  Well innovation knows no bounds and I find whatever you ask for, the universe will bring you!

I am loving this Hooknook Knob available at Neatspace.ca for $17.  It's the right size to hang your giant bag over, plus it has an adorable little cubby that's perfect for keys or your iphone. 

Neatspace is Canadian, and their goal is noble and near & dear to my heart: We hope to bring you pieces that will help you cook better, work more efficiently, travel with ease, and keep you organized.  

How perfect. They'll also grant you free shipping on orders over $100!

So what's next on your wish list?

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