Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday's Muse: Florence Welch

It's time to have a Florence Welch kind of Monday!

Florence Welch, lead singer of the aptly named Florence and the Machine, is truly a rule-breaker when it comes to both fashion and music. Her voice is a true original, with the kind of rare depth that can fill an entire stadium and stop you in your tracks.  Florence and the Machine's music can't be easily categorized, which is why you'll hear their songs across all radio stations, no matter what their 'genre', and see them walking away with hardware at awards shows all over the world.  Congrats on those 2 NME awards in London on Saturday - nice to see someone finally beat out Adele for an award this year!  No small feat!

Florence Welch's style is just as unique and hard to describe as her music.  One minute she's an ethereal goddess, the next she is prim and proper, and then she's just as easily a rock star ready to hit the stage.  Who says you can't be all things?  Why let your 'usual' style define or restrict you.  Nobody is telling you to wear that classic suit today, or those jeans and trusty blazer again.  Grab that scarf you never wear from the back of your closet, or the hat you think might get too much attention.  Maybe layer every favourite necklace you have and create something showstopping on top of that crisp white dress shirt.  Be Florence for a minute this chilly Monday morning and conjure up the blissful freedom to ask yourself: Who do I want to be today?  Then, go be

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