Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Whatever Wednesday: How to Tie a Tie

When the man in your life asks you for help in tying a tie, wouldn't it be nice to say "Sure, no problem"?

Enter this handy little infographic with all the deets on how to tie a tie, four different ways:

1. Four in Hand (never heard of that one, but who am I to say it's not legit...)

2. Half Windsor (if you've only got 50% of the time or energy for a full one?)

3. Windsor (looks the same in the end as a Half Windsor to me, but apparently not?)

4. Shell Knot.  Sounds dangerous.  I like it.

Now you and your man can head out into the social wilderness looking all polished and tied up right.  You're welcome :)

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Stone Fireplaces said...

Definitely, it will be nice when I’m tying the tie to my guy. I know only the four in hand method. I hope that all methods would helpful for me.