Thursday, June 14, 2012

Best Self Tanner - ever!

It's true.  I tried it myself and it totally lives up to the hype.  It doesn't streak, it looks totally natural, it is practically scentless, and I won't be spending another summer (or winter vacation) without it!  The St. Tropez line of self tanning products are absolutely the best!  I guess sometimes all the celebrity hype in magazine after magazine is actually legit.  If you don't have the time or patience to sit in the sun (and damage your aging skin, I might add) then pop over to Sephora and grab some St. Tropez!  I am very fair and I've been using the medium-dark Gradual Tan Everyday Body moisturizer and it is so awesome I just had to rave about it to you all.  Oh, and it dries lickety split and doesn't come off on my clothes.  Perfection?  I think so!  Bring on the bikinis!

1 comment:

Feelippy said...

This is one of the best self tanners i've ever used too! Glad you liked it too :)

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