Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Ornaments on Sale: Time to Stock Up!

I used to get really excited for Boxing Day, but in recent years I've started to honestly get more excited about when home decor stores start marking down their Christmas Ornaments!

There is no better time to stock up on the sparkling, twinkling globes that will take your Christmas Tree from great to WOW! 

Terra started their sale (50% off!!!) a few days ago (shockingly early, I know!), and trust me, their displays and selection are spectacular! 

*shout-out to Saskia & Kirsten for the heads-up on that!

They've got a whole British/UK section with Beatles ornaments, and Union-Jack-inspired colours, or you can find traditional red/blue/green themes with toy soldiers and drums.  My favourite is a soft woodland themed section with materials like soft wools and felts in warm whites, reds and neutrals.  Very much worth the drive up to their Hwy5 or Hwy6 locations!

Michael's is also early with their Christmas markdowns, with ornaments, ribbon, baskets and wreath-making florals ALL on sale around 30-50% off.  I'm starting to wonder why I ever used to get going with my holiday stuff in November when I could have paid half the price by waiting a couple of weeks.  Patience was never my virtue...but in my growing years I am seeing the many benefits :)

The weather may not be inspiring you to decorate for the holidays today, but these prices sure will!  Happy Decorating!

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