Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last Minute Christmas Ideas

Don't be so lazy!  Gift cards say "I'm too busy to put any thought into your gift".  Yeah...even if it's a gift card for a day at the spa.  Unless it's for a new mother.  Only exception.

I know, I know, you're very busy.  You're super important and have way more to do than anyone else.  Firstly - as if.  Secondly - that's no excuse.  I'm pretty sure you had the same 364 days leading up to Christmas as the rest of us.  It does fall on the same day each year, right?  It's not like you didn't have notice :)

Ok, so before you spaz out, here are some great Last Minute Gift Ideas that do not involve you almost getting killed over a parking spot in a mall:

GUY GIFT: Cliche, perhaps, but a fine bottle of liquor never put a frown on any man's face.  Grab a creatively packaged whisky or some timeless (not flavoured) vodka and help stock that gentleman's bar!  You'll probably end up sharing in the contents if history is any guide.  Got an action movie fan (Clash of the Titans)?  Try The Kraken Spiced Rum!  Know someone British who loves fine gin?  Try Bulldog London Dry Gin at select LCBO stores.  The LCBO lineups aren't short this time of year, but if you go early in the day, you're sure to be quick.

GAL GIFT: I've yet to meet a woman who doesn't love a beautiful silver picture frame.  Who doesn't love printing out a cherished photo and placing it on a shelf, mantle or desk?  You can be in and out in minutes by popping into somewhere like Pier 1 Imports or Chapters/Indigo and you'll be set!

BOY GIFT: It is just SO overwhelming staying on top of the latest boy toys, isn't it?  From Ninjago to Skylanders, who has the time?  Not to mention trying to inventory what they already HAVE.  Well, I can tell you something they almost certainly do NOT have: a book.  Don't worry, I'm not going to recommend something boring.  In fact, I'm not going to recommend anything at all!  That's the job of the pros at A Different Drummer book store in Burlington.  Around for decades for a reason folks.  They love what they do, and they KNOW what books get boys reading!  Go there.  Go there now!  Free parking for customers right outside their doors!

GIRL GIFT: Head to the grocery store.  You have to go there anyway to grab a zillion things for Christmas dinner.  Just go to one with a Joe in it, and grab sequined shoes, flowered headbands, tulle skirts, cute pajamas, mitts, scarves, yoga pants - whatever!  They have adorable girls clothes for every personality, shape and size and it's not even going to take you off your planned errand route!

HOSTESS GIFT: Grab a gorgeous ornament.  Most are already on sale, so you can grab a really nice one.  Go for metallic or crystal if you can, as it compliments most trees (incase they've got a colour theme going) and can easily be used to hang in a window.   Pull right up to Holland Park Garden and choose from thousands!

See?  You don't have to set foot in a madness-filled mall to get something thoughtful and awesome and leave your whole reputation for being a "lazy last-minuter" behind forever!  You're welcome.  Now get going!

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Love your honest insightful and punchy're right on the mark!