Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When You Just Can't Wear Heels...

Maybe I am the only one who loses sleep over things like this, but honestly - I really have trouble when I want to look stylish for a special event but I know I'm going to be standing for HOURS and heels are just not going to be an option.

Especially at this time of year - winter - when ballet flats are absolutely not happening (thank you snow).

So this month's dilemma (yes, I know I have first-world problems) is my planning for an upcoming concert I'm headed to in NYC.  No seats.  Just standing.  I'm guessing I'll be standing (and dancing in my own lame way) for approximately three to four hours.  Do you think even my most comfortable heels can take that kind of abuse?  Nope.  Definitely not.  And in February, I've still gotta wear something reasonably warm.  Sure, sure, riding boots - I know.  But I am just SO BORED with my riding boots.  And riding boots mean skinny jeans and I am really intent on wearing boyfriend jeans to this concert, ok?  I'm almost as sick of my skinny jeans as I am of my riding boots.

Steve Madden Camarro Boots
So for some reason I am having a bit of a love affair with combat boots right now.  I saw a girl working in the props department at Universal Studios in California 2 years ago wearing them with boyfriend jeans and the coolness of her look is still burned in my brain.  I'm not talking bulky Doc Martens, although memories of high school are always fun.  They're just a wee bit too heavy and big.  I love Steve Madden's Camarro combat boots with the funky red zipper at the back, but $149 is just out of my price range right now (The Bay didn't have my size anyway...which would have been awesome because they were 40% off there but oh well).  So...I wanted to see if I could do better today. 

AND I DID!  Thank you Forever 21, which is fast becoming my favourite place to get trendy, funky, cool pieces at a fraction of the cost everywhere else.   Here's my concert outfit: brown combat boots, faux leather jacket, faux leather purse and earrings all courtesy of Forever 21 and $128 for the whole lot!  (tank top is mine from Banana Republic).  Can't wait to spend the night enjoying great music with great friends - and not thinking about how much my feet hurt :)

NYC Concert Here I Come!


Nelle Creations said...

Love it, I love heels but there are def. days when I don't want to wear them.
Would love if you could check out my latest post!

Danielle Todd said...

Great outfit and I love the boots!