Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Memorable Shopping Bargains in NYC!

I've been to New York City a handful of times, and each time I had an agenda that made ample space for shopping.  I had goals around what I wanted to buy (ex: designer shoes) and what Stores I wanted to see (ex: Macy's).  Looking back, I see this left little time to really enjoy the rest of the city, and made the trips seem rather rushed.

Last week I visited NYC again, but this time the days were left completely open - no agenda - no timeline.  We let the city unfold before us, and with sunshine and 9-degree temps, we were able to walk around to our hearts' content.

We agreed to two guidelines for shopping on this trip:
1. We wouldn't set foot in any store that we could also shop at here at home.
2. We wouldn't seek out any store - only popping into stores we happened to walk past naturally that caught our eye.

What a delight it ended up being!  The most shocking part of all was that even though I made three purchases, I spent less than $60!  Mind-boggling, but true.

First purchase: $18 Concert Tee from the awesome Heavy & Light concert event we attended our first night.  Among great bands like Now Now, (Switchfoot-singer) Jon Foreman, and amazing spoken-word poet Anis Mojgani, we enjoyed up and coming band The Lone Bellow, who I enjoyed so much I grabbed one of their supersoft tees.  When I wear it, I'll be pleased knowing that it will not be a recently-coined-term: "Lie Shirt" (#cougartown) because I actually DID see them in concert.

Second purchase: $16.50 for this stunning necklace and earrings.  Once the sun comes out here again in the Great White North, I plan on blinging up my jeans and white tees with these fun pieces (not together fyi - that would be overkill).  I don't think it's going to be possible to wear these without smiling!

With my pink DL1961 jeans and a white tee?  Check!

With my yellow Banana Republic cropped pants and a white tee?  Check!

With my orange Old Navy dress?  Check!

I see now how much colour I actually have in my wardrobe...

Third purchase: $24.50 for this adorable dress from a second-hand clothing shop called Buffalo Exchange near our hotel on 26th street.  The store was packed full of people scouring through labels like DVF, Steve Madden, BCBG and the like.  This dress is by "no label I've ever heard of", but I'm thinking with my Brave Nida Belt from Joelle's it will become a fast fave!

My gorgeous shopping buddy got similarly great steals on jewelry and vintage clothing, spending similarly little money for her great pieces (I'll post those later tonight when she sends me the pics)! 

Lesson learned?  Let the shopping come to you while in NYC and you'll be pleasantly surprised what hidden gems you'll find!

Update: here are the gems my friend picked up from the same great shop on 6th Ave.  Steals at under $20 each!

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