Friday, May 3, 2013

Jewellery Event in Burlington Coming Up Soon!

One of my fave jewellery lines in Burlington (or globally, for that matter) is glamjulz.  Totally modern pieces with lots of fun detail and uniqueness.  They are wardrobe staples, and take a simple white t-shirt up to entirely new levels of stylishness.

Lucky for us all, there is an event coming up that will help you stock up for summer and spend a little less than usual!

glamjulz is offering free shipping on their special Hummingbird Bracelet that benefits the Juravinski Cancer Centre in Hamilton, Ontario, as well as having a Mother's Day Open House at their Studio in Burlington on May 9th.  While you're there, I highly recommend talking to owner and designer Monica Graves about designing a layered custom necklace for summer.  I did that last year and she made a gorgeous multi-strand necklace with silvers, clear stones and whites (with a removable strand for when I want to lighten it up a bit) and honestly - it goes with almost everything I wear all summer long!  People compliment me on it all the time.  

I guarantee you find something stunning and shiny that you'll wear all the time.

Cheers to the warm weather that is finally here and all the fun spring outfits & accessories we can now finally enjoy again :)

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Anonymous said...


You are such a GREAT promoter, so happy that you are enjoying your multi strand necklace! To be honest I think you'd get complements regardless of the necklace! ;)

Thanks for including glamjulz in your blog! You ROCK!
Monica xo