Friday, June 28, 2013

glamjulz: A Personal Fave and Totally Timeless!

Monica Graves of glamjulz
My first purchases...
Let's just talk for a moment about local jewelry artisan Monica Graves who is the genius behind the brand glamjulz. She (and her talented team) create stunning necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets that are coveted and worn by locals in-the-know as well as celebs like Elisha Cuthbert, Lily Allen, Nelly Furtado and more.  

Personally, I own five necklaces, three of which were custom-made just for me. Monica does custom upon request, and while you can always find something you'll love in her diverse collections, sometimes you just have a really specific
My cargo pants' best friend...
vision in mind, which Monica will happily create for you!

The first I ever got was a long black and grey/silver chain that I think I probably wore every single week for years. YEARS. I loved it so much I got it in golds/browns too and I wore that one weekly too. They're a great length because you can also double it up on your neck for a shorter, chunkier look when you want. I got them both at Joelle's in Burlington, who stocks glamjulz year-round.

More recently I purchased a layered silver/army green necklace that seems to go with almost everything I wear in the summer, especially my favourite cropped cargo pants. It looks fabulous with a white tee, and the best part is that the chunkier strand of stones is removable, so you can simplify the necklace a bit to dress-it-down whenever the mood strikes you.  

Custom-made white & silver perfection!
I wore the green one so much that I thought my summer outfits would be complete if only I had a similar one in white stones, which Monica custom made for me upon request last year. Again, I wear it weekly, and it is the single-most complimented piece of jewelry I own. The removable strand makes it so easy to dress up or down, I just can't rave about it enough. I wear it without the chunky strand with tee shirts and casual tops, and when I am going out in a dress I add back in the extra strand of jewels for more shine and sparkle.

My most recent addition is a stunning pink multi-strand necklace that compliments every item of pink clothing I own. For anyone who knows me personally, you know that there are MANY pink items in my wardrobe, so this is a perfect addition.

My newest pink confection
The glamjulz Annual Summer Studio Sale is on Thursday, July 11th this year (2013), and you need to write this one into your schedule. 5100 South Service Road (between Appleby and Burloak) in Burlington, Unit 23 (near the back east corner). 12pm to 8pm. 

Deals & Steals include items from previous seasons (which I'll tell you right now, never go out of style) at 50-75% off, grab bags for just $3 (typically including cute bracelets or earrings or necklaces or rings) or 2 for $5, and free grab bags with any purchase of $25 or more!  These items make perfect hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, Mother's Day Gifts and BFF gifts for girls from age 5 to 95!  Go early for the best selection but watch out for me!  LOL.

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