Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Serious Kate Spade Sale! Up to 70% off!

Loving my friend Vanessa for giving me the timely scoop on this one, along with the totally secret website link.  Click if you love Kate Spade and feel like getting up to 70% off her gorgeous goods!  Valid for 3 days but obviously quantities are limited so what the bleep are you waiting for girl? If only there were some way to telepathically let my husband know to a) go to this website and b) buy me this absolutely stunning and perfect-for-me emerald green handbag for Christmas or my birthday. It is literally screaming my name.

Reg price:   $428      

Sale price:   $159

I mean, seriously. How can this not end up in my closet?

C'mon telepathy...WORK!

FYI, Shipping to Canada? Only $10!!! (plus duty, but who cares).

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Catherine Alison Interiors said...

$207.64 is the total with taxes.