Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Top Christmas Tree Decorating Trends for 2013

Are you ready?  


And there's nothing I love more than decorating my home for the holidays!

If you're up for trying something new this year, you can spend hours on Pinterest to get ideas OR...spend just 2 minutes checking out my video on Top 2013 Christmas Tree Decorating Trends and get ready for colour schemes and decorations that will totally freshen the look of the holidays in your house!  My personal fave?  "Gnomey Styles". You'll love it.

I'll even tell you where you can buy all these gorgeous decorations too.  Happy Holidays!

Find more photos and ideas on my Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas Pinterest board and browse at your leisure.

All decorations shown can be found at The Bay, and some of my favourite shops & boutiques in Burlington Ontario: Centro Garden, Terra,  Holland Park Garden, and In House Etc...


Tara (Nerdgirlmom) said...

Great video Victoria!! And I agree - time for owls to go. Loved the comment about people who live near the ocean :)

Victoria Hughes Al-Samadi said...

Thanks Tara :) I feel bad hating on owls and beach people, but someone's gotta do it lol!