Wednesday, October 1, 2014

#Centsability Challenge for October

First of all - full disclosure - I work with Manulife, so while I may be totally biased, I'm still going to tell you about this challenge anyway, since I genuinely think it's a great idea.

I saved $1.50 today thanks
to my free coffee this morn :)
For the month of October, a bunch of Canadian bloggers, along with many of us on the Manulife team, are going to try to be more mindful of what we spend each day with the hopes of not only saving money, but in creating more awareness of the difference between "want" and "need". I think most people under the age of 50 these days are not doing a great job of saving. I count myself as one of those who often tell myself I'm "living in the moment" to help justify my unnecessary spending. I know I could do better. And I bet you could too.

The challenge is called #Centsability and if you're interested in finding out some great ways to save money, just search for the hashtag on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and you'll see photos of all the things we're "giving up" each day to keep more money in our pockets.  

And if you want to join in the fun, share your own photos on social media with the hashtag #Centsability and show us how you are finding your own ways to save. Find out more info HERE and grab extra tips & things like a weekly meal planner to help you avoid those pesky take-out costs.

My plan will include free or homemade coffees, taking lunches to work (I hate weighing down my purse on the commute but I'm doing it anyway), and avoiding every single email telling me about what sales are on this month at my favourite stores. Yep. It's gonna be tough :) But since my kids are basically sitting on the edge of their seats waiting to go to Disney, I need to double down on the savings to help us get there sooner rather than later. And yes, some of that extra money will be staying where it belongs: in the bank.

Good luck!  Save big :)

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