Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring & Summer Shoe Trends for 2015

Spring is inevitable, even in the midst of March when the snow hasn't finished melting yet, so in the interest of staying optimistic, I present to you the Top Spring & Summer Footwear Trends for 2015.

I'll start with the shocker. Birks are back. Even J.Crew & Barney's New York are selling Birkenstocks this year. I realize they're great for...wait...actually, I don't even know how to end that sentence properly. What ARE they great for? Hiking? No. Sports? No. Work? No. Sure, they're easy to put on and kick off and they're comfy, but you can say the exact same thing about Crocs and I know how you all feel about Crocs. 

Next up: Espadrilles. Classy, elegant and timeless. Canvas uppers and rope soles look chic on everybody.

The gorgeous flat options make them a comfy choice for walking around a tourist town in Italy, a theme park with the family, or your friend's back deck for a summer barbecue. Go for bright juicy colours or fabulous embellishments like those from Tory Burch (grey), Jimmy Choo (studded), Valentino (red) or Michael Kors (orange & white with a tan accent) here.

For evening, Spring 2015 brings us a ton of laser cut leather patterns. Highly feminine, and flattering as your tanned legs will blend right in throughout summer and make your legs look a mile long. They're a gorgeous look for work or evening, especially in the typical neutral hue you find them in everywhere.

Imagine them with a white sundress and neutral belt or jewelry. They'd be great with denim, and I could see a fabulous outfit coming together with cropped white jeans and a neutral taupe flowy blouse, topped off with a thin & delicate long gold necklace with an earthy pendant. These shown here are from Schutz, Aerin, and Klub Nico.

Slip On Sneakers are also back (following their 90's Birks sisters out of the time machine) and this time they've got designer labels and cool patterns.

Givenchy has a great floral. Burberry has a killer plaid.

And if those brands aren't in your budget (they sure aren't in mine), you can find similar ones from Guess or grab a vintage classic from Keds like this grey one here.

Mules: I love the comfort of a good mule, although you do need to be a bit careful what you wear them with because they add a lot of fabric and coverage to your foot - making it easy to make you look shorter, especially if you're wearing them with a cropped pant without a tapered ankle. The chunky heel you usually see with a mule further adds to a hefty look that needs to be balanced out on top.

If you're luck enough to look good in shorts (sadly, this is not the case for me), mules are a great choice. You need a nice long, lean leg to avoid these overpowering you.

Wedges are one of my favourite looks for spring & summer, especially those with a cork base.

Remember Kate Middleton's post-wedding wedges elegantly sauntering across the Buckingham Palace lawn?  Wow, those were awesome. They looked exactly like these Stuart Weitzman's on the left (which are customizable on his website, by the way - both in colour, material, and heel height).

As I looked through all the magazines and websites and runway footage looking for trends for this article, I came across a little Kate Spade 'Larissa" pump that I just have to include as my new fave.

It's a very subtle gold with built-in sparkle that is a great neutral all year long. My closet has a pair of skinny ankle jeans, a white & gold sequin top, and a new white blazer that would work so well with these shoes! I'll see if I can work it into my budget in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, start making room in your closets for spring - it's really just around the corner I promise!

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