Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Test Kitchen Restaurant on Brant Street now has a Patio!

Finished Product: June
Work in Progress: May
Just had to say how excited I am to see Test Kitchen on Brant Street building a sidewalk patio for summer!

Can't wait to see the finished product!

UPDATED: Loving the finished product! I think this patio adds a much needed vitality to Brant Street and lets people enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while people-watching and socializing. Yes, it takes up a few parking spots, but what would you rather have: a great patio to enjoy lunch with friends, or 3 parking spots. That's a no brainer.

Honestly, the $10 lunch special at Test Kitchen is a total steal. The food is spectacular and the $10 includes a glass of wine (not huge, but plenty enough for lunch on a weekday). The menu changes often, but you'll never be disappointed by their creations. Great veggie burger on the regular menu too, by the way.

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