Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rock the Fedora this spring!

Women look great in menswear, that's a given.  Especially when they mix it with really feminine details.  Men find it so sexy when a woman is wearing a fitted suit with killer heels, or a bold tie with a crisp tailored dress shirt, and this spring I highly recommend another menswear trend that will really push you out of your comfort zone: the fedora!  Hats may not be your thing, but this one is almost universally flattering, especially if you follow these tips:

1) Make sure it fits your head properly!  Not too tight, not too loose.
2) Pair with a pretty basic top like a white tee, tank, or blazer. Forget loud patterns & let the hat be the focal point!
3) Pull it down further on your head, don’t let it just rest on top.
4) Make sure the crease on your Fedora is prominent!
5) Add some embellishments, ribbons or a jeweled broach for example, to really 'girl it up'  :)

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