Friday, April 8, 2011

Room for a new Department Store in Canada?

Marshalls is up and running in several locations in the GTA now: Leaside (Toronto), Warden/Eglinton (Scarborough), and Woodbridge, with Mississauga and Ajax both opening April 28th.  Will this U.S. retailer find a niche in the mix of Stores like Sears and The Bay, and the soon-to-be-here Target?   Or is this just direct competition for Winners?  Their tag line is "Big Brands. Unbelievable Deals" and after a little tour of their website, it seems they have some cute & trendy inventory but I find it disappointing that I didn't see a single 'name' of a single 'brand'.  Still, when I researched a little harder on local blogs, I saw great finds like Prada, See by Chloe, Nine West and James Perse BUT several people feel that it's almost identical to Winners (although personally I've never heard of Prada at Winners...).  It all has me considering a road trip to see for myself!


Angela said...

Marshalls and Winners are owned by same parent company. Wish we could get Macy's or Nordstrom in Canada!

Victoria Hughes said...

Wow I didn't realize they were owned by the same Co! Yes, I agree...Nordstrom would be awesome. Or Neimans :)