Friday, May 27, 2011

The first list of Target Stores in Canada!

I love HBC, but I really can't stand Zellers.  The prices aren't that great, the service is abysmal, I feel so bad for the staff in those polyester uniforms, and the selection isn't even worth mentioning.  It's no surprise then, that I am extremely enthused that Target will be taking over this outdated chain and opening Tar-jays all across the country!   Just check out this cute retro-inspired bathing suit for just $34.99!  If you're interested in the list of the first 105 Stores that will transition from Zellers into Targets, you can see the full list here.  I am so happy to see 2 Burlington locations on the list - maybe the Burlington Mall (now Mapleview's ugly sister) will finally become relevant again (was it ever?).  Cloverdale Mall must be psyched.  That mall is Sherway's ugly sister.  I just hope once these Stores open, that we'll be able to shop online at as well!

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