Monday, June 20, 2011

#20 of Best in The GTA series: Keora Salon in Burlington

I've visited many salons over the years between Btown and Toronto.  I've spent as much as $400 on a colour & blowdry (Salon Jie was truly insane in its heydey with his prima donna loft looking down on the rest of his staff, and Michael Kluthe's colour shop was run like a military operation by no-nonsense Lili Jakel).  I've had great experiences and certainly a few not-so-great ones too (a crazy blunt cut - my idea, sadly - from The Elmwood Spa made my thick hair look like a giant bell).  What I am really looking for in a salon - as are most people - is consistent & lasting colour, reasonable prices and attentive & timely service.  People who will gladly offer to run out and put another coin in the parking meter for you.  People who will offer you a cup of hot coffee or tea.  People who remember which side you part your hair on.  People who are always running on time in a drama-free environment.  Most of all, people who really give you a great colour and style.  This is what I have always found at Keora in Burlington, an Aveda salon.  They are always on time, have a fabulous new online booking tool, and are genuinely great people.  P.S. I can't recommend Jacqueline enough as my favourite colourist of all time.  Heading their again on Saturday - can't wait!

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