Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday's pick: Pane Fresco bakery in Burlington!

There is seriously no better place to get bread in the entire GTA, I promise you.  Pane Fresco truly has artisan breads that are worth every penny!  Opened by Marc Albanese and his wife Felicia, this bakery serves up breads with no preservatives, using old fashioned techniques to work as much flavour into the bread as possible.  Ingredients are all simple classics: just flour, water, salt and the tiniest amount of yeast possible. Bakers shape and mold doughs by hand in front of you, and then the breads are baked in a European Deck oven.  Whenever we're making garlic bread at my house, we grab a baguette here or their fabulous Calabrese or even a very cool Fendu loaf!  I'd be remiss if I didn't also mention they serve the best pizza in the GTA as well, so if you can swing by at lunch - you'll leave even more satisfied!   Then there are the pastries...the gelato...the lattes...ok, now I'm just hungry.

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