Monday, June 13, 2011

Lucky #13 Best Shop: Action Bikes in Burlington

There are lots of big box places you could get a bike these days...Canadian Tire, Wal-Mart, etc..., but if you really want great service (knowledgeable, attentive, passionate about bikes) you know you can't count on those Stores for such 'luxuries'.  A bike isn't exactly a cheap purchase, nor should something be that you want and expect to last decades, so why not go to an expert who eats/lives/breathes bikes?!  There are lots of great specialty bike shops in the GTA, so give them a shot.  You'll probably end up with something that will outlast a cheap big-box-Store bike by many years, and you'll support an entrepreneur in the process.  My personal fave is Action Bikes on Brant Street in Burlington.  The owner is an avid cyclist and he's been around for years and years.  He's got a great assortment of bikes for the whole family, all of them high-quality and a range of prices.  I bought my hybrid Velo Sport from him back in the early 90's and it still runs as smooth as ever (thanks to the tune-up he gave it last year)!

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