Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shop #12: Teatro Verde

I remember back when this treasure trove of unique finds was not yet on everyone's radar, and I felt like it was a well-kept secret near the back door to Hazelton Lanes in Toronto.  The first time I walked in it felt like half glamorous-flower-shop and half amazing-gift-shop.  Even now, with two locations including posh Bayview Village and a huge two-story flagship in Yorkville, Teatro Verde retains the same wonderful qualities.  You'll always see beautiful flowers, you'll always find impeccable and artistic merchandising, and you'll always walk out with something gorgeous for your home or one of the best gifts you've ever gotten for your dearest friend.  And did I mention it won't break the bank?  That's the best part of all!  Helmed by the design team of Shawn and Michael, you'll quickly understand how they came up with the name - loosely translated to mean Theatre of Green - because the artistry behind the floral arrangements is truly worthy of any stage!   Be sure to grab an amazing sandwich afterwards at either location, both of which are conveniently located steps from delicious Pusateri's!

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