Saturday, June 11, 2011

Best Small Biz #11: Kula

With locations in Oakville, Toronto and Burlington, Kula Yoga is my favourite yoga studio in the GTA (and yes, I've been to several including the reputable but very, very busy Downward Dog in T.O.)!  The atmosphere is zen and relaxing, without trying too hard, and the instructors are all amazing!  No matter what class I go to, I am always challenged in new ways, inspired by a skilled teacher, and enjoy the laid back and supportive attitude of the rest of the class.  They have a great introductory special where you can get 30 days of unlimited yoga for $30 if you're new to Kula, which is a very affordable way to see which classes you like and whether it's the right environment for you!  This morning - after being woken up FIVE times throughout the night by my children - the Vinyasa class I dragged myself to at 8:30 a.m. literally saved my weekend by infusing me with energy, relaxation, and strength.  I would be a train wreck all day if I hadn't gone, and my children would have had a very short-tempered and un-fun mother all day, that's for sure.  Thanks Kula!

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